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Building a Better World

Building a Better World

Sustainability is deep in our roots

Mérieux Nutrisciences is a Mérieux family owned company, committed to serving Public Health across the globe. We belong to the Institut Mérieux group that imagines and develops new approaches in the field of diagnostic, immunotherapy, food safety and nutrition through three companies – BioMérieux, Transgene and Mérieux NutriSciences.

Our mission is to leverage science and our Food expertise to make food systems safer, healthier and more sustainable. We are advocating for Better Food, Better Health, Better World by delivering a wide range of analytical and expert solutions to the Food sector, from product design to manufacturing and distribution.

Mérieux NutriSciences, a central role in Sustainable Food Systems

A sustainable food system delivers food security and nutrition for all in such a way that the economic, social, and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations are not compromised (FAO, 2018).

Reference: https://www.ipcc.ch/srccl/chapter/chapter-5/

We act internally to become an ‘always more engaged company’. In particular, we make a priority of having a deep understanding of our impact on the environment and role to play in climate change mitigation, of improving our employees well-being and empowerment, and acting for our surrounding communities. We also strongly believe that it is by partnering with our stakeholders upstream and downstream of our value chain that we will achieve significant improvements and create value for the society.

Our company mission and priorities are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

Through our mission we actively contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

Mérieux Nutrisciences’ mission and business vision is to help the food sector make safer, healthier and more sustainable food products. We contribute to improving food production all along the value chain, helping for quality management, integrating food safety emerged & emerging risks, supporting responsible sourcing, validating new manufacturing processes, providing compliant and transparent information to consumers.

We work with international organizations to continuously test and improve our quality system and we partner with food operators to help them propose better food options to consumers.  

As a responsible business actor, we are engaged in other Sustainable Development Goals 

Mérieux Nutrisciences, through its 8,000+ employees and its international footprint, has a strong impact on many communities. Offering good conditions of work to every employees at Mérieux Nutrisciences is something we never compromise with, but we know our duties goes beyond: we want to offer a working environment that promotes diversity and inclusiveness, contributes to employee’s wellbeing, and allows them to unleash their potential and entrepreneurship.

Like any industrialized business, Mérieux Nutrisciences impacts the planet through its emissions, consumes energy and generates waste. We are conscious that it has some direct & indirect repercussions on climate change and quality of air, water & soils. But we are also conscious that we can mitigate these effects by implementing actions that matter. This is the reason why we have engaged into a company journey to deeply analyze our impact and what actions will lead to significant improvements in our infrastructures and day-to-day activities.

Besides, we believe that by partnering with external stakeholders (eg. suppliers and customers) and investing in collective research programs, we will find effective solutions that might never happen alone.

Our activities lie at the heart of food systems, and we share the responsibility in mitigating the impact of the food value chain on climate change. We adopt a continuous improvement philosophy to reduce the carbon footprint of our internal processes while raising awareness amongst employees and stakeholders. We partner with our customers to develop carbon efficient food products without compromising on nutrition, safety, and taste.

Nicolas Cartier, Chief Executive Officer

At the heart of Mérieux NutriSciences is People. Our company’s purpose “Better Food. Better Health. Better World” is a commitment to sustainability toward our customers and also our employees. We believe that diversity and equal opportunities are key for our sustainability. We are a reference partner for our customers because our people are engaged, they feel part of a community which feeds off of their uniqueness, fosters creativity and makes them grow.

Violette Dechelette, Vice-President Human Resources & Communication
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