Our Partnership with Remilk Foodtech Company
septiembre 07 2023

Our Partnership with Remilk Foodtech Company

Novel Food

We are thrilled to share the historic achievement of our innovative, visionary industry leader customer: Remilk. For the first time in Israel, regulatory approval has been given for «animal free» proteins: full article.

We feel part of Remilk’s success!

Mérieux NutriSciences and Remilk have been working side by side for the last year in a variety of different projects. We have been able to provide a full 360° service in various fields of our food expertise:

Sustainability Consulting

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and fully understanding the environmental impact of Remilk’s product

Regulatory Consulting

Regarding novel food submission (for example: Novel food name and dietary exposure), Consultancy regarding import


Environmental testing and Food testing: Contaminants, allergens, nutritional values

Quality and food safety Consulting

Quality and food safety audits, food safety consultancy

And this is just a partial list…

Our purpose at Mérieux NutriSciences is to contribute to BetterFood. BetterHealth. BetterWorld. and we feel that within this collaboration we contributed to all of the above. This collaboration represents a powerful partnership that brings together Mérieux NutriSciences’s extensive expertise in food safety, quality and sustainability and Remilk’s groundbreaking technology in dairy alternatives.

Throughout our interactions with Remilk, we have been captivated by their commitment to sustainability, their innovative production, and their dedication to creating dairy alternatives that taste and perform like traditional dairy products. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Remilk for entrusting us with this transformative opportunity to contribute to their mission.

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