Product Development

Developing food products is a strategic and critical step, which leads to consider many aspects: the product positioning on the market, the right formulation and sourcing to match consumers’ expectations in terms of quality, taste and experience, and the compliance with local and international rules to access local market and export to foreign countries (compliance by design).

Enhancing your Product Development Program

  • Check regulatory requirements
  • Validate your recipe and manufacturing process
  • Integrate eco-design in your innovation process
  • Define the best packaging strategy for your product
  • Determine and optimize your product shelf life
  • Test the sensory performance and consumer acceptance of your product
  • Apply for Novel Food/GRAS/new additives regulations

The packaging is a key component of your product with a major role to preserve its integrity and quality as long as possible (shelf life extension) but it has to be thought of to better preserve the planet (less plastic, biodegradable materials, recyclability, etc.). You might also want to reformulate existing products to offer better options on the market or better take into consideration new consumers’ expectations (e.g. no additives, improved nutritional values, local and responsible sourcing, alternative proteins, etc.).

To support you in these challenges, you need a partner that has both a strong food expertise and a comprehensive understanding of product development. Mérieux Nutrisciences can support you in multiple ways along the product development journey, from regulatory framework understanding to specific characterization (e.g. nanocharacterization), sensory and nutrition studies (in vitro and clinical), process and shelf life validation and packaging eco-conception.

Our Expert services teams and Food Science Centers are suited to accompany you with a customised and project-based approach, and can support you in regulatory applications (eg. claims, Novel Food).

Mérieux NutriSciences has the right science-based expertise and innovative mindset combined with unique capabilities to facilitate your innovations, both in food and packaging. We continuously develop new methods to anticipate the shift in food habits (e.g. plant-based products, novel food) and we participate in transverse research projects such as on intelligent packaging to stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

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