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Inspiring Science for Better Food. Better Health. Better World.

Inspiring Science for Better Food. Better Health. Better World.

At Mérieux Nutrisciences, we leverage over 50 years of scientific and entrepreneurial expertise to answer food industry needs.

Today’s global challenges transform the way food is produced, marketed and consumed, which is why we know our clients need more than reliable analytical results; they need practical and innovative solutions that will contribute to make food systems safer, healthier and more sustainable.

From our initial expertise in microbiology and consulting, we have broadened our scope of scientific specialties into chemistry, education, certification, research, labelling, and sensory in order to offer a complete suite of services to meet our customers’ needs.

Today, we offer comprehensive solutions to support our clients, from product development to market suitability, while contributing to consumers’ health worldwide.

Present worldwide, we are more than 100 accredited laboratories and a team of over 8,000 committed employees.

We strongly believe that together, we can create solutions to offer our planet:



Our story begins with food and an invisible threat: Salmonella.

When Dr John H. Silliker founded his first laboratory in Chicago in 1967, who would have known that he would become a preeminent figure in the fight against Salmonella and food safety?

Building on his long-lasting curiosity for this complex microorganism and his entrepreneurial vision, he turned his two-floor laboratory into the largest independent food testing and consulting network worldwide.  

He used science to develop practical and innovative solutions to answer food industry challenges. His work and vision continue to influence many generations of scientists and food experts as well as still guide our innovation-driven approach today.


In the 1990’s, we opened a new chapter that would become Mérieux NutriSciences, with our food safety mission embracing a full commitment towards consumers’ health.

This evolution came from the merge between Dr Silliker’s vision and the Mérieux family’s dedication to improve public health through a global and cross-disciplinary approach.

From Marcel Mérieux, student of Louis Pasteur and founder of Institut Mérieux, the Mérieux family is always seeking ways to address human health challenges through solutions and initiatives which serve patients and consumers across the world. 

For over 125 years, the Mérieux family have pushed the boundaries of science in the fields of infectious diseases, cancer and nutrition, and every day, we are proud to take this vision forward.

While food remains our primary focus, we have extended our mission for Better Health into additional areas of expertise in some territories:

  • Packaging
  • Water & Environment
  • Consumer Goods
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Agrochemicals
  • Pharma & Medical Devices

Because we know that behind every product, there are people, there is life. You do everything to give your consumers your very best, so we are committed to help you make your products healthy, tasty and sustainable. Together, we can protect and improve health worldwide.

This commitment, as well as our founders’ curiosity, daring spirit, and dedication to human well-being inspire our daily actions and decisions at every level of the company.

This is our commitment to you:

We care for you

As a scientifically-driven company, we care by asking the right questions and gathering the right team of experts who understand your specific needs, your market, your legal environment, and your chain of value. We care by working alongside you to come up with innovative and practical solutions that make sense for your business.

We believe that to constantly improve our services, we need to turn every situation into a learning opportunity that will allow us to serve you better and to further us as a full-solution provider for the food industry.

We are local with a global reach

We are where you are, which gives us a better understanding of your needs and your market requirements. Being close to you allows us to assist you locally in your daily operation and provide quick and reliable results.

As we have built a network of over 100 laboratories across Europe, North America, South America, Africa & Middle East and Asia Pacific, we can also support your global ambitions while ensuring you get rapid, reliable, repeatable and impartial results from one location to another.

We have no compromise on quality

From routine testing, to special projects, to consultation and training, our goal is to deliver solutions that can be trusted to drive business decisions.

To give consistent and reliable results, we share the same method all over the world:

  • A unified quality management system accredited under the recognized ISO 17025 standard.
  • Full sample-to-result traceability.
  • A multi-step competency program to ensure equal interpretation of results between all labs.
  • Active participation in several respected food laboratory proficiency programs.


Today, we have grown into an international company, recognized for its expertise, with a strong commitment to protect and improve consumers’ health. However, we want to do more by taking our mission further to develop solutions that will also serve the planet and support the transformation of the industries we serve.

Food, health and the environment are part of the same complex ecosystem and, to act on it, we are using our scientific and entrepreneurial expertise, and cultivating the daring mindset that has inspired our founders.

We are putting sustainability at the heart of what we do by:

  • Investing in research to find new ways to ensure not only the safety but the sustainability of food products.
  • Developing partnerships and collaboration to innovate better and faster.
  • Adding new expertise and services to our portfolio, in order to support clients with product improvement and transparency, responsible supply chain management, sustainable packaging and sustainability performance management.
  • Pushing initiatives that contribute to make our company more sustainable.

As new challenges are rising, we are working towards our commitment to a better world because we know that together, we can build innovative and sustainable approaches that will help feed the growing world population while preserving our planet.


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